Gratitude & Wish List

OLD CELL PHONE DRIVE!! Please, we urgently need phones on the front lines. Access to communication saves lives!!!

Fraser Health has our deepest gratitude, love and thanks for continuously treating us with dignity and respect.  Thank you Dearly!


A very BIG thank you to those who sponsored our members to attend the 4th Annual Breakfast with the mayor event!!!

Thank you Trina Ricketts, Tyler Thomas, Merlyn Horton, Christal Lee, Kristy and Michele Christie!!

Tony Fatica at Telus has been an absolute rockstar at managing to get ALL our Steering Committee Members phones and a very comprehensive plan we can comfortably live with. 

Thank you Tony Fatica at Telus for going the extra mile and thank you Telus!!

Macx is our first phone sponsor and donated not just a phone but also has committed to paying one of the members monthly bill!!  This is our most generous gift from an individual donor yet and we are filled with gratitude, thank you!

Thank you so much Macx