BEAP (Business Engagement Ambassador Project) is a project that has been designed by those it aims to impact: business owners, homeless friends, Abbotsford residents and community collaborators. Together we are building the relationships that strengthen our community.

BEAP (Business Engagement Ambassador Project), was created by a group of people with living experience in homeless and substance use in Abbotsford BC. 

This is a partnership between the City Of Abbotsford, Drug War Survivors, Warm Zone, The HUB, Fraser Health and and residents and business owners in the community who have been meeting voluntarily each week since September to strategize a way to build and repair relationships with business owners and residents.  

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The group is taking a three pronged approach to the issue:
One: a city-wide ongoing clean up project with some permanent positions and a casual labour pool, providing alternatives to income for people with challenges to mainstream employment. 
Two: a rewards program for business who are already going out of their way to support and care for the homeless and substance using population in Abbotsford such as letting members use the bathroom, creating privacy walls for campers and regularly donating food.  
Three: The ambassador project which will train and support members to act as liaisons between their friends and business owners and residents in Abbotsford, reducing police involvement and helping to build and repair the relationships with business owners and residents that we know improves personal and community health safety and quality of life.

We have a  number of donations including jackets being provided by Fraser Health, printing and branding support by the City of Abbotsford as well as equipment, tools, and small honorariums which have helped us get many people involved.

For this to be an ongoing yearly project with an increased scope to city wide coverage and the implementation of training and support for the ambassadors we will need additional support through cash and in-kind donations and volunteer efforts. To support this project please contact: Amanda at 778-347-840